Spread Your Wings


As the school year has come to an end and many of my peers have graduated to the next step in life, I sit back and reflect on the college experience. I reflect on the purpose of college aside from the purpose of receiving a degree and finding a great career. We often complain about how we pay so much money in college to receive a piece of paper but when you really sit back and think about it, college offers so much more. College gives us something that money can’t buy. College gives us experiences, teaches us about ourselves, and throws us into life in the real world without us having to be out in the real world just yet. College forces us to spread our wings.

I like to relate college to a mother bird.

When a mother bird is preparing her baby birds to fly, she stirs up the nest. She stirs up the nest to make the nest uncomfortable.

  • This can relate to college in that, for the majority of college students, freshman year is amazing, things seem to go smoothly and your courses aren’t too difficult just yet. However, right before you get stuck in that comfort zone, sophomore year comes around the corner and stirs things up. You’re forced to evaluate your major, your life, your circle of friends and your future. You learn that to get where you’re trying to go in life, you have to have a full understanding of yourself and who/what you surround yourself with.

– I’m sure that the baby birds question why their mother is causing this discomfort, similar to the way many of us question why God allows us to go through the trying experiences that we have in college, but like the baby birds, if we just hold out we will soon know. Every struggle has a purpose.


Once a mother bird has made things uncomfortable in the nest she gets the baby birds on the edge of the nest and pushes them out. WHAT? WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT?!

This action seems extreme but the answer to why is simple. As with humans, baby birds will never spread their wings and fly if they don ‘t first become uncomfortable in their current state. Even then, once uncomfortable, they still need that extra shove out of the nest to force them to spread their wings and fly.

  • In college, we all have struggles and moments of discomfort, but sometimes that isn’t enough to push us out of our now “discomfort zone”. We become complacent and used to the routine of college. But the great thing is, that as that graduation day approaches, and many feel that they aren’t ready to begin the next step because they haven’t found that job/career, or they’ve never been fully on their own before, the day comes when each of us have to cross that stage and college in a way kicks us out of the nest. They call our name, we cross that stage, and we realize that all along we knew how to fly, in was instilled in us through each struggle. We learn that not only can we fly, but we can now soar!

You see, the mother bird knows what she is doing, she knows that the babies had it in them all along, they just need that extra push. College is that extra push, and if you keep the Lord with you through it all and trust Him through the process, you too will be ready to fly.

Embrace the stir, embrace the struggle, embrace the shove.


Congratulations to all of the 2015 Grads!!!

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