Why Am I Enough?

“Why am I enough?”

“Because I said so.” – GOD

I was going to title this mini post, “Am I Enough?” but then God said, “There’s no question of whether you’re enough or not. I call who I call and that’s final.”

It is not about if we are enough because God is more than enough.

As new believers and even as saints old in the game, we all have or are struggling with questioning our worth and understanding it fully. We come up with this idea of the “perfect person” that God should want to use but that whole image is human based. God doesn’t choose people the way that we select people. 1 Samuel 16:7 says, “‘The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.'” John 8:15 says, “You judge human standards, I pass judgement on no one.”

God never sad that He came for the perfect and well put together. Matter of fact, He specifically says in Mark 2:17 that, “I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” He wants the broken and the sinner. He wants those of us that the world would deem unworthy. God doesn’t show favoritism to people based off of status and looks as the world does.

“Who shows no partiality to princes and does not favor the rich over the poor, for they are all the work of His hands.” Job 34:19

What is God going to do with someone who “thinks” that they are perfect (for no one is) or someone who “thinks” that they have it all together? It’s hard enough dealing with us because we think we know everything.

God is looking for people He can shape and mold into the people He has called to change this generation. “He doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.”

There are no prerequisites or qualifications to be used by God. This isn’t a job interview. You don’t need a resume or perfect track record. In fact, the messier the past, the stronger the message, the greater the ministry, the more we can be used by God and the more God wants us.


Don’t underestimate or dumb God down. We must stop insulting Him by telling Him what He already knows.

All throughout the bible and even still today, we love to tell God why He can’t use us. God knows our struggles, our shortcomings and our downfalls but He also knows our capability, our future and our full potential far better than we could ever understand.

The craziest thing of all though… you know what it is???


Never was. It is all about Him and His strength and His infinite wisdom. God uses us because He loves us, not because He needs us. Everything we do is through God. It isn’t that He needs our human strength or our fleshly wisdom. He could use anyone else “more qualified”, but He wants to use people like you and me.

Although I am less than the least of all the Lord’s people, this grace was given me: to preach to the Gentiles the boundless riches of Christ,” Ephesians 3:8

It doesn’t matter our past.

God redeems all of it.

Joel 2:25 ““I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten—
    the great locust and the young locust,
    the other locusts and the locust swarm[a]
my great army that I sent among you.”

God redeems our past to brighten our future and broaden out ministry.

You’re greater than the worst thing you’ve ever done.

If Christ found you worth dying for, wouldn’t He find you worth using?



Song of the week: Tell The World by Lecrae

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