Most times, the process begins in between blessings. God has either removed one blessing because it has served its time, He must remove the blessing because we are mishandling it or He may be preparing us and making room for the next blessing that is far better. Either way, it is always for our benefit.

(I know it’s a tad lengthy, lol,  but choose which applies best to your situation.)



“The Lord giveth and The Lord taketh away.” Job 1:21

When God removes a “blessing” from us, it’s never to hurt us but to help us. I put quotations around blessing because God takes no good thing away from us so if God is removing the “blessing” it must not be a “blessing” anymore. The “blessing” is either becoming harmful and has served its purpose or it is becoming a hindrance and needs to be moved out of the way in order for it and/or us to grow and be cleansed and brought to a state where it can be efficient.

An example:

A mother with a small child

When teething, a pacifier or teething ring is an absolute blessing. The baby loves how soothing it is and the mother appreciates not having to hear screaming and crying. However, when the baby drops the pacifier or teething ring on the floor, that blessing is now contaminated. The mother must take the blessing away in order to cleanse it so that the child does not become sick from using it. The baby will fuss and fuss and fuss because it doesn’t understand why its mom took away what she gave them. No matter how mad the baby may get, the mother must clean the pacifier because she knows the harm it can cause while dirty, but once she returns the pacifier to the baby, it is in better shape than when it was taken away.

Sometimes in life, God blesses us with things but we misuse them and they become contaminated and turn into a curse. God must remove them and do some cleansing and fixing with us and /or the blessing before we can have it back.



Sometimes we have temporary blessings- blessings only meant to serve a season.


Just as when the child from the previous scenario reaches a certain age, the parent must take away the pacifier. The child doesn’t understand why they can no longer have the pacifier. The parent gave it to them, why can’t they keep it? They don’t yet grasp the fact that the parent must take it away because it has served its purpose and that at this point, it will begin to cause harm in a place where it used to cause healing.


Sometimes the job, significant other, friend, etc. has served their purpose and we just can’t let go. We end up turning a blessing into a curse.

That job or significant other was to teach you something in that season of your life. They were to build you and reveal to you things about yourself so that you could be prepared for the next blessing that God is waiting to send your way.

However, many of us don’t think of this. We get so attached and cling to temporary blessings that we are willing to settle for less than God’s best.

Then when God loves us enough to remove what is now becoming detrimental, we want to feel some type of way, or when He makes the situation so uncomfortable that we want to leave it alone, we want to question Him and be resentful. We should be grateful that our Father wants the best for us and knows what’s best for us.

God can’t give us greater blessings if our hands are clenched around old blessings.

I have yet to experience God remove something out of my life that He didn’t replace with something far better.

We get so used to being complacent that we don’t begin to even try to fathom the greater that God has for us.

Don’t settle for man’s best…wait for God’s greatest.

Trust that He has better, because He does.



Sometimes we think that something is a blessing. We feel that it is so perfect for us and that it would be what’s best for us, so when The Lord doesn’t allow us to have it, our faith gets tested. We wonder why God is keeping it from us.

God withholds no good thing from His people. (Psalm 84:11)

We may think it would be awesome for us to have but if God didn’t allow us to get it, we must trust and believe that it must not have been as great for us as we thought.

God sees the whole picture, He sees down the line in the future. Maybe this blessing would have complications down the line or maybe God needs you to be available for something far better.

God isn’t planning as He goes. He has it all mapped out and already knows. Trust and follow Him.

Blessing a far off is a blessing that God has promised you. You can’t have the blessing just yet but God allows you to see a glimpse of the promised blessing now to hold you through the process of obtaining it.

Sometimes we don’t yet have the blessing, not because God is slow to bless us but because He is patient in blessing us. He knows that everything has a season. (Ecc.3:1) Often, we aren’t financially, physically, mentally, emotionally or even spiritually ready to handle the blessing that we want at the moment. If God were to give us everything we asked when we asked, would allow us to pick our dream job and when we were hired, would allow us to choose who loved us and who we ended up with and when they married us, that wouldn’t be love, most of us would sell ourselves short. If God did this, He would be allowing us to ruin our lives.

Once we ask God to come into our life as Lord and Savior, He takes us seriously and actually saves us and guides our life course, that’s part of being Lord of our lives.

We must allow Him to be Lord.

We must go through the process…


The process helps us to gain spiritual stability, strengthen faith and build character so that we are mature enough in Christ to take care of His blessings that He entrusts to us. (Anything we receive from God, belongs to God, we are just borrowing whether it be money, boyfriend, wife, etc.)

Anything worth having is worth waiting and working for. If we can’t withstand the process, we are undeserving of what the process produces.


If we don’t persevere through the process and we instead decide to go before God, we are settling and the results can be detrimental, effecting us and those around us and attached to us in anyway. Abraham and Sarah are the perfect example of this (Genesis 15-18). God promised them a son but they felt that God was taking too long and that it was impossible at this point so they took things into their own hands. Sarah actually had her HUSBAND SLEEP WITH ANOTHER WOMAN so they could have a child! How many times have we taken things into our own hands and done irrational stuff because we felt God was taking too long? (As if God doesn’t know what He is doing.) Sarah doubted and even laughed at the Lord when He told her what He was going to bless her with! (Genesis 18:13-15)

Just as a husband and wife long for their baby, they are patient and embrace the 9 month process, preparing for their blessing’s arrival and taking the steps they need to so that the arrival goes smoothly and they are ready when they receive it.

If they rushed the process and forced the blessing to come early, the blessing could die before they even get to experience it, and if the blessing survives, they won’t be prepared financially to even be able to fully enjoy their blessing.

We must wait and prepare for the blessing, so we can enjoy it fully.

We don’t want great, we want God’s best! So we must withstand the process.

We don’t just want a job, we want THE job that God has for us.

We don’t just want a boyfriend/girlfriend, we want THE boyfriend/girlfriend that God has for us.

We don’t just want a spouse, we want THE spouse that God has for us.

Don’t put a time stamp on God and the arrival of your blessing…

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