WELCOME TO THE PROCESS Pt. 3- Pain in the Process CONT’D

“In order to minister to others, you must first be poured into.” (My pastor, Pastor Lynch, taught me that.)


I’m blessed to have been ministered to by three wonderful men-of-God these past few weeks and some things that they preached I felt flowed perfectly with our learning of the process that God sends us through to build us, so I wanted to share some powerful Kingdom Keys that God gave His servants, as well as some things that God spoke personally to me during their sermons.

Bishop brady


Presiding Bishop of the River Fellowship, International



Faith Temple Christian Church

Elder Faison


Holy Trinity United Holiness Church

The why

Personally, I find it easier to handle things when I know the “why” for their occurrence. So understanding, to an extent, why God allows me to go through certain things helps me to cope with and grow in it. Sometimes we feel that God sends us through things because we have done something wrong, so instead of learning from and growing in the process, the devil has us preoccupied beating ourselves up for whatever we feel we’ve done wrong.


“Every storm is not a sign that you have sinned, some storms are a sign that you’re making progress and moving forward… The enemy will do anything and everything in his power to try to stop your progress.” ~ Elder Daemarkis Faison

“Some trials are not for you, but are to shake those attached to you who aren’t really for you.” ~ Pastor C. Lynch

During the process, you’ll learn who you must leave behind and who you should take forward with you.

Some “friends” drop off during the process, but don’t turn around and try to pick them back up and get them on board. We don’t have time for that.

“A lot of us are tired because we are trying to drag wrong people to the next level with us.” ~ Bishop Brady

“When your vision gets bigger, your circle gets smaller.” ~ Pastor C. Lynch

“Some of the greatest blessings aren’t opened doors but closed ones.

I thank God for the people who came and praise God for the people who left.” ~Pastor C. Lynch


“You’re not in bondage because God is a hater. He has you in bondage so you can learn how to manage success. If you can’t manage struggle you can’t manage success.” ~ Bishop Brady

Your tests and your pain are only preparing you for your promotion.


“Preparation proceeds promotion… A lot of us try to get the promotion without the preparation, but God is no fool. He isn’t gonna give us something, for us to mess up. He waits until we are prepared.” ~Pastor C. Lynch 

“Your performance today determines if you’re prepared for your promotion tomorrow.” ~ Pastor C. Lynch


During the process

“As you’re making progress in the process, you have to make a point to resemble who you are and reflect Whose you are!!!” ~ Elder Daemarkis Faison 

We can’t walk around bitter and mad at God or the world. A lot of us take on this attitude when we are going through things. We act like we are the only one going through. We become short tempered and snap at people and use the excuse, “I’m just going through a lot right now.” That doesn’t reflect the attitude of Christ or of a conqueror in Christ.


We all have individualized processes that we go through to strengthen us and make us better. We didn’t all ask to be here but we are here now so let’s grow from it and grow in it. If we keep walking around with our head down we won’t ever be able to look forward to see where God is taking us.

If God allowed it then it is for our good. You’re never refined if you don’t go through the heat, so let’s suck it up and quit complaining. “God stops talking when you start complaining.” ~ Bishop Brady

Embrace the process and the strength and wisdom it produces. Stop focusing and dwelling on the negative because then you’re just giving it life. Instead rejoice in Christ.

Elder Faison1

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        “In the storm, you cannot focus on what you’ve lost. You must rejoice over what you’ve got left! If you focus on what you’ve lost you may lose what you have left and miss what God is about to bring you… God will restore everything that you lost!” ~ Elder Daemarkis Faison 




 “People are attracted to anointing but anointing attracts attacks. The devil gets mad that the Oil is resting on your life.” ~ Pastor C. Lynch


Focus on the purpose of the process, the final goal.

“At the end of the process, God will turn the –

Victim into the victor

Your trials into triumph

Pain into purpose

Test into testimony

Mess into a message.”

~ Elder Daemarkis Faison

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  1. Apriann says:

    This is awesome!! Love everything you’ve posted. Each quote from those 3 powerful men are amazing! Thanks for sharing this post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sowfull says:

      Thank you! Their quotes truly blessed me as well! Wish I could’ve posted their whole sermons! LOL


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