Some Things to Address


This post isn’t going to be as uniformed as my other posts. This post is to mainly speak on some things I’ve noticed this month and share what God has revealed/been speaking to me about. Please take your time and read it in its entirety. Read it in segments if you have to but it is all very important.

“Then He returned to His disciples and found them sleeping. “Couldn’t you men keep watch with Me for one hour?” He asked Peter.

When He came back, He again found them sleeping, because their eyes were heavy.

Then He returned to the disciples and said to them, “Are you still sleeping and resting? Look, the hour has come, and the Son of Man is delivered into the hands of sinners. Rise! Let us go! Here comes My betrayer!””
Matthew 26:40, 43, 45-46 NIV

It’s time to WAKE UP!
We have been sitting back chillin for way too long! It is time to rise up and get refocused on the task at hand! The Body of Christ has not been about its assignment. We have been too busy conforming and getting tangled up in civilian affairs.

“No soldier on service entangleth himself in the affairs of this life; that he may please Him Who enrolled him as a soldier.”
2 Timothy 2:4 ASV

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—His good, pleasing and perfect will.”
Romans 12:2 NIV




With Beyoncé’s and Drake’s album releases this month, it has become very apparent to me how much God’s people have begun to idolize and worship artists. We’ve gotten so caught up in the things of this world that we don’t even recognize these things as such. We have become spiritually blind to how things (music, parties, relationships, etc.) taint our spirits.

The longer we go without noticing it, the longer we sit in darkness and the more we adjust to it…





After tweeting these following tweets, I received so much backlash from nonbelievers and believers alike. The ugly, negative things that people had to say validated exactly what I had tweeted and were proof as to how these artists and their music affect our spirits…








““I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”—but I will not be mastered by anything.”
1 Corinthians 6:12 NIV

…but is it beneficial? That’s the question we should always ask ourselves.
We tend to ask the wrong questions when deciding whether to partake in things. Our focus shouldn’t be on whether or not this thing/person/activity/music will harm us (physically or emotionally). We should be asking ourselves if this will benefit us spiritually. “Will this relationship bring me closer to Christ?” “Will this party benefit me at all in my walk with Christ?” “Is it going to push me towards Jesus or delay my process?” “Does this song invite God’s Presence or the presence of demonic forces?” It may not be harming you on a secular level but is it/are they benefiting you on a spiritual level?

The second half of this scripture Paul says, “I will not be mastered by anything.”
Don’t let sin master you. Jesus has already set us free from sin…we are no longer slaves to it. However, many times, although Christ has set us free, we build up our own walls and place ourselves back into that same slavery.
Christ set us free from the flesh so why do we keep following it and it’s desires? Through Christ we can overcome the flesh.

We don’t have to conform to this world. We don’t have to fall in its trap! God has called us to higher and better!
God keeps saying, “why do you keep looking over there to them and what they offer you when I have all of this that I have already promised you?”


After reading Radical and Follow Me by David Platt, I have really begun to recognize how most of Christian America preaches an American Dream Gospel. We pick out the parts of the Word that comfort us and ignore any parts that convict us. We water down and alter the Word to be what’s acceptable for the world when God gave us the Word to teach us what is acceptable to Him. The Word doesn’t conform for anyone. God didn’t ask us to alter His Word, He just asked us to preach it. We need to preach the whole Gospel in its entirety or not preach it at all! You can’t pick and choose what parts of the Truth you’ll accept and live by. Accept and live by all of it or none at all! Believing and living only half of the Word benefits you nothing!


We twist the Word to make people comfortable with their lukewarm behavior all the whole forgetting the scripture in Revelation that says that God spits out the lukewarm. We preach what gains members instead of what makes disciples and that’s a serious problem.

The Body of Christ in America has not been about God’s business, we’ve been too busy being about ours.
“But Jesus replied, “My Father is always working, and so am I.””
John 5:17 NLT
It’s time that we get busy about our Father’s business.

We need to start telling people what it really means to follow Christ instead of preaching this prosperity Gospel. Stop preaching “feel good” messages and preach the living Word that transform lives! God didn’t call us to preach what makes people comfortable in their sin, He called us to share the Word that makes man uncomfortable in his/her sin so that they will leave it behind.

And that’s another thing…

Stop preaching this American Dream Gospel making people think that the promises of God apply to them when they aren’t living for Him. If you’re just a visitor of the Body of Christ (a.k.a. a church member) and not a follower of Christ, the Family inheritance does not belong to you.
You’re a member of a church but are you a member of the Kingdom?
Being in church does not equate to being in Christ.

We love to read the clause in a verse where God promises to bless us or work things out for us but we fail to read the part where God commands us to give up sin, follow Him and/or sacrifice something. You can’t get the promises of God without following the commands of God. Here is a perfect example…One of my followers tweeted this…



We’re losing respect for God!




Why is it so hard for us to separate ourselves from the things of this world? Why is it so hard for us to just accept and be satisfied with the eternal things that God gives us? Why do we try to have our sin and God too? Why do we seem to care about the feelings of others more than the feelings of God? These are things that we ALL struggle with if we are being honest. So what are we doing to be sure that we are struggling and overcoming these things instead of becoming comfortable with these things?…

We Christians are perfectly comfortable with the way things are. As a whole, we enjoy the idea of having salvation and still being like the rest of the world, and as long as it isn’t addressed, we are fine with doing our own thing even though the world is perishing around us.
Warnings in scripture wake us up for a week or so just for us to spiritually fall asleep again. Christians as a whole in America do not take God seriously- not as seriously as we should anyways. It’s evident in the way we treat Him and His Word/warnings. We’ve lost reverence for God. We like to assume that everything about Him is comforting and that He is just here to work things out on our behalf and bless us whenever we ask without us having to do anything in return. We all do it at some point or another and it is ANNOYING. It’s a serious problem. That’s why we Christians are so numb today. It is also a reason why when someone addresses our sin or our lack of servanthood to God we want to act as if someone is judging us.

It’s too easy to be a Christian in today’s society. For Paul and the disciples, it was a life or death decision. It was all they had. They weren’t concerned with their image on social media or with offending other people on their timeline. They were fully convinced of the Gospel and Its power.


When I’ve spoken to Christians from other countries, they have a totally different perspective of what serving Christ means. The problem with the American Christian today is a product of a watered down American Dream Gospel.
We need to turn back to God and revere Him as God- allow His Holy Spirit to lead and kindle the fire within us.

We need to stop trying to flip the script on God. God is God and we are NOT!

We would be better off if we would start treating God like God.
If we’re being honest, Christians as a whole don’t even respect God anymore. There’s no way we can say that we do.
We take what He says out of context.
We ignore Him when He speaks.
We only go to Him when we want something.
We try to manipulate Him.
We keep Him a secret from others who don’t care for Him.
We don’t defend Him.
And we cheat on Him daily with sin.
Would you say any of that is love and respect?
If we love and respect Him, why don’t we want to spend time with Him? Why don’t we try to get to know Him deeper?
Why don’t we go to Him just to talk or see what He wants?
Why don’t we wake up with Him on our minds?
Why isn’t He our last thought when we go to sleep?

Why don’t we think of Him outside of times of trouble or need?
Why don’t we do what He commands?
Why don’t we long to show Him off and tell the world about Him?
…because we are too busy treating other people and things that way.
No one is serving “our God” because we’ve been preaching to them about a watered down, “people pleasing God”, Who came to earth just to serve and heal. Not the God Who came and walked around men and commanded that they turn from their wicked ways and follow Him.
We preach about a God Who only gives blessings and no corrections so then people are caught off guard or feel picked on when they are corrected.


I recently tweeted this on my personal account:

And a girl quoted my tweet and tagged some friends and said “How wrong is this. Everything about God comforts you, He is no monster.”
The first clause of that second sentence is biblically incorrect. This is a product of the American Dream Gospel.
The average American Christian today probably doesn’t even know Who God is for themselves. I would go as far to say that they have formed their own idea of Who He Is instead of picking up the Bible off of the dresser and opening it to see Who God says He is.
Do we not realize that we are creating our own god(s)?
We worship money, status, friends, family, spouses and comfort as a whole over worshiping God! That is idolization!

Then we wonder why no one serves God anymore…it’s because we’ve been preaching our own version of God which in turn isn’t God at all! We are leading people straight into idolization! We preach blessings not serving. We teach membership not discipleship. HOW DARE WE! When did we lose our way as the Body of Christ?
We are infected! The Body is infected. Christ will not return until His Church is without spot or wrinkle. It’s time that we allow God to truly clean us up and iron out anything that is not like Him. The time isn’t next week or “when I’m older” or “when I graduate from college because I have some more parties to go to”. No the time is now. Time is of the essence!

We must stop being passive in our relationship with Christ.


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  1. Louis says:

    God bless you these truths…most of us have not have not obeyed to the shedding of blood in our struggle against sin like Paul did in Hebrewsn12:4

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