The Journey- Unmerited Favor


Yes, this journey/walk is black and white, but there’s Grace in-between for when we fall…

It’s amazing when you sit back and really think of the Grace of God. It’s so unfathomable but as Christians on this journey, it’s important to understand God’s unmerited favor. I know that for me personally (and some others I’ve spoken to) when I fall short and do things that don’t please God I tend to really condemn myself. Because I love God so much, I really long to make Him happy and put pressure on myself to try to cross every t and dot every i but the truth of the matter is, I’m human so it’s impossible for me to be perfect. God expects and honors our progress even though we can never be perfect in our fleshly selves.
I want to encourage the Christians reading this who may be struggling with haven fallen short or “disappointing God”, that God sees your effort, He knows that in your heart you truly desire to change and are after His heart. Don’t beat yourself up or pack on pressure because by doing that we begin to focus on our own efforts instead of focusing on what Christ has already done. God sends conviction so that we learn right from wrong but after that conviction, I believe many of us condemn ourselves…don’t. If God has forgiven you, why can’t you forgive yourself? I know that we want to do right and we should strive to do so, but don’t punish and beat yourself up for not being perfect. I know that I even do this myself or I think of things that God should do to me to punish me but…God keeps whispering this to me daily lately, “I don’t give you what you deserve.”


When you fall, allow conviction to do its job of teaching right from wrong, repent and gain the wisdom to not fall the same way…no need to beat yourself up…Christ already took our punishment at the cross. Dwelling on the past and battles you’ve lost against sin only strains your relationship with God (because you start to focus on perfection) and distracts you from preparing to overcome for future battles.


Always strive to live a blameless life but trust that whenever you fall, God’s unmerited favor covers it all.


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