The Perfect Gifts for the Perfect Gift

“There’s only 5 more days ’til Christmas, you know that I can hardly wait

We’ve got the lights up on the tree now, and we’re ready for the holiday!”


It is almost Christmas, peeps and you know what that means…everyone is in a mad dash to try to purchase the perfect gift for those they love. They are in such a mad dash that they forget to stop and remember that God already gave us all the perfect Gift.

Last Christmas I wrote about the Gift given to us by God- Jesus Christ. This Christmas I wanted to write a mini blog post just to touch briefly on the gifts given to Jesus by the Three Wise Men. Now these gifts were the perfect gift for baby Jesus even though they may not appear to have been on the surface.
We all know the story about  Jesus being born in the manger and the Three Wise Men coming and bringing Him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh…but how many of us have stopped and wondered why they brought a baby such gifts? Children don’t need gold they need diapers, toys, etc. God led me to look into the uses of those gifts. There is so much significance behind the gifts brought to Jesus for they symbolize exactly what He was sent by the Father to do.
We are all familiar with gold. It’s a mineral that is very valuable. It is used for adorning, decorating, jewelry and so forth but it is also used to purchase things.
Boom…first part of Jesus’ mission- to buy us back from the wages of sin.
frankincenseNow, the other two gifts, I had no idea what they were so I had to research them.
Frankincense is an aromatic resin used in fragrances, incense, and perfumes.
Jesus was the sacrifice for our sins. He was our atonement. He is that sweet smelling fragrance that covers the stench of our sins. Frankincense as an oil is also used to relieve stress and calm anxiety
…sounds like what Jesus does for us all of the time doesn’t it?
Myrrh is used for cleansing and healing. Jesus came to cleanse us of our sins and heal our broken and ill places.
I wonder if the Wise Men truly understood the significance behind their gifts. I wonder if they knew the extent of what Jesus came to do and how much their presents foreshadowed that. I wonder if Mary knew…either way God knew and I know that those gifts were no coincidence.
I just love all of the layers in the Word. It’s like an onion…when you dig deeper, there is always something else to discover.
Have a Merry Christmas everyone! And please focus on the true meaning behind Christmas.
It isn’t about the gifts and spending time with family you haven’t seen in months. IT IS NOT JESUS’ BIRTHDAY. It is a time that we remember His birth which was a gift to us.
(I think many people confuse Christmas being the time we remember Christ’s birth and it being His actual birthday-which is isn’t.)
Love you all and thank you so much for reading! *Hugs*

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