Sowfull Has A Logo!!!

I AM SO FULL!!! I am so happy, humbled, excited and grateful to be able to present to you Sowfull’s first logo ever!!!





final2I’m sure many of you are wondering the significance or meaning behind this logo and why this tree is created with the word Sowfull, well let me explain it. 😀

The name Sowfull came about because since I’ve begun to seriously live for Christ, I’ve been so full of Him and have desired to sow seeds of His love into others.

Sow + Full= Sowfull

When you sow seeds, it takes watering and sunlight in order for what’s been planted to grow. When we plant seeds in others we can trust that the Light of the Son and His Living Water will nurture and grow what has been planted. Though it may take months, season or years…though the person may take longer than we wish to bear fruit, we can trust that slowly but surely, in the right season they will flourish and blossom into who God created them to be…

…Just like a tree.

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