We have to be watchful as to what we allow in our ears because whatever gets in our ears makes its way into our spirit. Have you ever gone to the mall or the grocery store and then once you got home you caught yourself humming a song that you’d never listened to before? You realize that that song was playing while you were shopping. Though you didn’t consciously listen to it, it got into your ears and got stuck in  your head.


We have to monitor what we allow in our ear gates. Me personally, I don’t listen to music that talks about drugs, sex, has cursing or embodies any other things that aren’t pleasing to God. I’ve even refrained from listening to certain artist who claim to be satan worshipers or openly deny Christ. Some of my friends tell me that I do too much or look to into stuff but the truth is, we often don’t look into things enough.


Music may seem minor and insignificant but it can really affect your spirit. Satan was the minister of music in Heaven before he got kicked out and he uses music today to affect the spirits of others. There is a reason why people play certain music depending on the setting they’re trying to create or the mood they are in- because music has spirits attached to it. For example, when you go to the club, they play certain music at the beginning of the night…music that gets you pumped and dancing. However, by the end of the night, they play slow songs that get people in the mood to go home with others (if you get what I’m saying).

man face with musical hair and gears

So, since music is something we all enjoy, I decided to make a page on my blog dedicated to posting music that has a positive message but is still dope and nice to vibe to. Most of us know about Gospel artists, but here are my favorite rap artists. I know that there is a misconception that rappers who rap about Jesus are corny and cheesy, but these guys are actually legit! I’ve played them for friends without them knowing it was Christian music they were listening to and they actually loved it !!! Check them out. They each have their own feel and style so I am sure you’ll find something you love!

L E C R A E 

Lecrae is one of my all time favorite artists. I’ve been listening to him for about 10 years now and he has yet to disappoint me. I even got to see him in concert, which was a great experience!

I love how Lecrae not only calls rappers out on their mess but he also calls the church out on the things that they do wrong and he addresses the hypocrisy of many Christians.

A N D Y   M I N E O

Andy Mineo is one of my top favorite rap artists! He is so talented yet humble. I got the pleasure of meeting him in person before one of his concerts and he is so fun and down to earth!!

Andy is an amazing artist in that he (like Lecrae) touches topics that many Christians try to avoid. He has a range of styles…each album is different from the one that preceded it and each song on each album has its own sound.

T R I P   L E E



1 KPhew


JGivens has a different flow than most rappers and he is a lyrical genius!!! I mean…you’ll just have to listen to see what I mean.

J O H N   G I V E Z

John Givez has an amazing flow as well. And guess what?…He’s JGivens’ cousin!!!

John Givez’s music has a rougher flow but he speaks the truth!…If you enjoy Kendrick Lamar, you’ll enjoy him. (Matter of fact they played his music against Kendrick and let people vote and more people voted in favor of Givez’s music.)

J O E Y  J E W I S 

joey1 Joey